I’m gonna sleep

nagakonans no she is but I meant like she’s all cute and innocent then holy shit. Holy shit UCK. Fuck

nagakonans christa in anime club au is basically hummingbird from deadman tho


nagakonans 😦😦😦😦😦

nagakonans of course armin dies

nagakonans sent: levi tells armin to play some eroge so armin takes it home and leaves it on his desk and he forgets he has this study thing with historia, annie, and mikasa that weekend and they end up seeing his weird loll imouto tentacle porn game and armin is dying inside while annie is really red mikasa is shocked and historia is like "i didn't know you were into this kind of thing armin. do you want me to call you big brother?" i can't believe these cliches


I’m still Thinkin about eremin bridge to terabithia au because I hate myself

nagakonans sent: one time anime club was staying at rich boy erwins summer home and the maid mixed up armin and petra and levi and armin were supposed to share a room and then hange and petra but petra ended up with levi and armin with hange. armin almost suffocated.

Holy shit . Are u sure that was a mistake tbhthat sure is fishy